Friday, 2 December 2011

once wounded twice shy

This is a cross-stitch from the Ed Hardy pattern book. Shoddy camerawork I know and yes, it could do with an iron- but who has time to iron?
It was sort of nice to just switch off and follow a pattern instead of working up my own creation but boy was stitching that heart boring- one big block of red. It will make a nice cushion though I think with some pompom trim around the outside.
Am working on another cross-stitch cushion now, an Emily Peacock design, will post some photos when I'm done.

Saturday, 12 November 2011


one for sorrow, two for joy

Magpies are my favourite bird, superstition says that singular magpies are unlucky and should be greeted with a salute and 'good morning Mr Magpie, How's your wife and children?' but I just give them a big grin and they seem happy enough with that. This fella is blackwork and is my own design - there will definitely be more magpies to come.

Friday, 14 October 2011

oooops I did it again

Well its been a while since I've been spotted round these parts. The reason for my prolonged absence was due to feeling ill ill ill whilst pregnant with baby no 2 who was born in June. There ain't been much stitch happening round here lately. Now the dust has settled I'm starting to craft again and look forward to sharing my new projects with you.
Lets start with this little lady;

oh how I love me a bit of geisha tattoo flash xxx