Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Swap item for Katie- tattooed lady

I'm doing a personal swap with KatieKutthroat via Craftster. She has made me a beautiful tote http://katiekutthroat.blogspot.com/2008/08/swap-stuff-for-sewphie.html and a pinup picture - this is what I've made her. The image is based on an Angelique Houtcamp http://www.salonserpent.com/Home.html illustration (again!). It's in a simple hoop frame at the moment but I'm toying with patching it onto a tote instead. I'm not even sure it's Katie's style- if you're reading this please let me know whether you like it- I'll happily make you something else if it's not really your thing (oh, and let me know if you would prefer her to be on a bag- I have some nice thin cotton totes that would be perfect)
Her hair took an age to do- it's loads of little satin stitch lines with the odd bit of sparkle thrown in- you can sort of see it in the close up (the little white bit's are tiny gaps between the stitches that lit up with the flash- you can't see 'em in real life). My photography skills could use a little polish ;)
I really loved stitching this and am happy with how she came out. I like the colours and they work well with the light brown fabric. I've also made a teeny extra piece that I'll keep a suprise for now. This is my first personal swap and it's been a lot of fun. I'm hoping it will be the first of many.

Sunday, 24 August 2008

lots of balls in the air

I really need to get projects finished- I have far too many on the go. Here is my current list of works in progress:
A knitted scarf
An embroidery of the cover of Goo by Sonic Youth
A tapestry chihuahua cushion (a really ugly chihuahua cushion from a kit, horrendous)
A Sailor girl embroidery
sailor girl embroidery
a cross stitch of Leigh Bowery (my hero <3)
Sewing my MoC Hillbilly angel onto a cushion
A Tea towel with vintage mushroom transfers
My tea towel for the Craftster tea towel tour (eeek deadline for this one)
A cross stitch needlebook
A teeny tiny skull embroidery
A 1950's eyeglasses embroidery (to make into a sunglasses case- I started this a year ago)
I also have a pile of finished embroideries that I don't know what to do with just sat in the bottom of my craft box

I start so much more than I finish- it's a problem I have. I am gonna try and tie up some of the loose ends. I really wanna finish Leigh but there is so much black to fill in and I am sewing on tiny count Aida so it makes me go cross eyed.
I've just bought series 1 of Californication so may have to have a dvd and stitching marathon (if I can tear my eyes away from David Duchovny to glance down at my work every now and then that is).

Ok, off to dive into my ever-growing pile of unfinished projects, wish me luck- it's dangerous in there
Soph x

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Miss Mistake and WIP

Here is what was meant to be a Sailor Jerry flash cutie. I did her a couple of weeks ago. She looked so lovely on the flash sheet but when I stitched her she came out all wrong. I am not at all happy with how she came out- my stitches look so messy argghh. And those lips- so wrong. I think I just attempted to do her too small (4'' tall)- I may try her again at some point but a little bigger. For now she is christened Miss Mistake - poor lass.
I had intended her as an item for part of a trade I'm doing but she ain't going nowhere! Luckily I have had time to start something else which I'm pleased to say is looking grand so far.

On a more successful note here is a WIP- another sailor girl <3. I had thought she was finished but have decided to fill in the rope. She will be framed and hung in the hall at Stu's request (I think he's fallen for her). She is based on an Angelique illustration- I think I may have an Angelique addiction right now.
thank you and goodnight
soph x

Monday, 11 August 2008

I thought I'd give this blogging lark a go. I've been inspired to do so by KatieKutthroat who I met via Craftster and who has a supercool craft blog.
So yes Katie I am shamelessly copying you- I saw your blog and thought I want want too! ... but they say imitation is the greatest form of flattery right?
So to start me off here are a couple of recent pieces my entry into the Craftster needlework challenge and a piece based on a Angelique Houtkamp http://www.salonserpent.com/Home.html illustration of a sailor girl. Both have already been posted on craftster.
The sailor girl is one of my favourite things ever- I have a big weakness for nautical themes. She is now living on a big blue and white striped tote bag and seems pretty happy there.