Sunday, 25 March 2012

stumpwork sparrow

This is part of my swap package for the Anything Goes Needlework Swap on Craftster. My partner loves sparrows so I knew I wanted to do make a sparrow embroidery. I also recently bought the RSN guide to stumpwork and so the two fused together pretty nicely. I have to also give credit to this tutorial that I found incredibly useful, especially as it uses a bird for the example so it showed me how to add details at the end.  As a first attempt I think this worked really well  and I was pleased with my stitching on the bird, I wanted it to look realistic. The twiggy branches are tapestry wool couched on with embroidery thread, this looks really nice but the wool shows through a little from the back of the linen so next time I'll hoop up some cotton or calico behind the linen to avoid this.
Here is a detail to show how the bird is three-dimensional;

Please excuse the creases in the photos- I did iron the piece before sending and mounted it in a flexi-hoop but I don't have any photos of this.

Friday, 23 March 2012


IMG_20120301_092019 by Sewphie T
IMG_20120301_092019, a photo by Sewphie T on Flickr.

I started this towel years ago. Every now and then I pick it up and do a little on it. There is some pretty scruffy stitching on it from when I was new to embroidery. One day it will be finished and i probably won't want to use it after working on it for so long! Anyone have a really ancient WIP they revisit every now and then?

Thursday, 15 March 2012


DSCN0442 by Sewphie T
DSCN0442, a photo by Sewphie T on Flickr.

This is a bit of a test post really as I posting directly from Flickr, we'll see how it works...
This is a little rabbit from a vintage pattern. I just fancied something simple I could stitch up in an evening whilst watching TV - I'll display it over Easter then hang it in Rory's room. I actually have quite a stash of transfer patterns and I rarely use them, maybe I should have a proper sort through and try and put some of them to use.

Saturday, 10 March 2012


This is a busy embroidery month as I'm doing two swaps. The first is organised by Wild Olive, it's huge there are over 100 people taking part! My head spins when I think of poor Mollie trying to keep tabs on all those swappers. We are swapping one 4 inch hoop, I used a pattern from this book but ignored the stitch guide as it wasn't a filled in design.
The chest on the bird is my first ever attempt at needlelace it was semi-succesful but some of the holes are a bit bigger than others. Overall I'm pleased with the finished piece although it's not really my style. I picked a design and colour palette that I thought my partner would like and it's a bit too pale for me. I wish I'd tea dyed the fabric because I think that would have looked nicer. You live and learn.

As a little extra I made this Wild Olive style badge- too cute!

The other swap is on Craftster and I'm not going to post photos yet as I think my partner might just look at my blog and I don't want to ruin the suprise. I'm really looking forward to sharing what I've made though- I challenged myself a bit and it really paid off. Stu wanted to keep it and has told me I have to make him one.

I used to do a lot of swaps, in fact some of the best things I've made have been for swaps. I like the way it forces you to do something different. it always makes me focus on getting my stitches neat too, when I know someone else is goung to inspect them! The best swaps for me are themed because you end up making things you'd have never made otherwise. A while back I did a Phat Quarter swap (the flickr group from Mr X Stitch) which had a movie theme. I ended up doing this Twin Peaks Firewalk with Me piece which was so much fun to do that it was actually quite hard to part with.