Monday, 29 July 2013

DOTD skull and scrimshaw sketches

A little finished embroidery. I bought this fab book of transfers, it a bit of a bargain as you get quite a few patterns and most of them are very cool. Some are very detailed though so would take a long time to stitch. The pastel colours on the skull are from sublime stitching floss- I am pretty pleased with my colour choices on this one. 
I thought I'd share some sketches I have been doing- these are destined for embroidery- they will be framed in a tooth/tusk shape as you can see on the whale. I want them to look like scrimshaw, I'm thinking probably a tusk shaped tea dyed cotton with the embroidery on, which will then be appliqued onto a dark (navy) background or possibly just a large piece of cotton lightly tea stained with a darker tea stain applied with a brush around the tusk.

I might do some mini ones to try it out- it's nice to be thinking about doing something of my own again rather than working from a pattern. I have a couple of other WIPs nearly done, I might not have blogged much recently but I have still been stitching!!