Sunday, 21 April 2013

my needlework kit

&Stitches tool kit competition

The fab &stitches blog are having a blog link-up on the theme of embroidery toolkits. Such a great idea for a link-up because I am rather nosy so am enjoying the opportunity to peep into other peoples embroidery stuff ;)
Before I share my toolkit let me tell you one thing, it is NEVER usually this organised. I am constantly searching for scissors, my needlebook, the correct hoop. My kit is strewn about the house on shelves, in a wooden box in my bedroom, in the cupboard under the stairs and stashed in drawers. I know there are a lot of other chaotic crafters out there and plenty of neat freaks too- which are you?
 Here we go then, the mantis needlebook was made for me in a craftster swap- It is beautiful, regular readers will know I love insects and this guy really makes me smile. the big sampler,style needlebook was made by me in Primary school. I have lots of embroidery scissors I especially like these two pairs. There is also a disappearing marker and a transfer pencil. I also use sulky transfer pens if it's a project where I can get away with a thick line but my most common transfer method is using my lightbox and a pencil.
 Hoops and a handy project bag I received in another craftster swap- this is full of goldwork threads right now

My most essential bit of kit is my daylight lamp. I tend to work on a small scale and often stitch in the evening  so it gets loads of use . I love this lamp- it may not be pretty but it is saving my eyesight! It also means the you see colours properly, before I had it I made the occasional 'interesting' colour choice when stitching in the evening. 

I hope you enjoyed this little look at my kit- I'm off to check out a few more of the posts in the link up. Good evening x

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Crewel berries

When I was on holiday last year in France my mum bought me this linen bookcover. I've been saving it for ages because I was waiting for the right idea for it. Then the other night I was flicking through this book and I thought that this design with it's autumnal colours would work well with the natural coloured linen. I adapted the colours a bit so I could use wool from my stash- its appleton crewel wool and comes in the most beautiful shades- if you are a floss fan give it a try, it is a similar thickness to embroidery floss (although you can't split it) so would work on most open weave fabric.
This embroidery is now prettying up my boring work diary and amazingly only took an evening to stitch; I always find crewel so much faster to work up.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Fox embroidery

This little guy is stitched using a pattern by Erin Paisley for Sublime Stitching. You can buy the pattern here :

It is one of a set of four and the plan is to stitch them all and then make a patchwork wallhanging using them. I love these patterns- they are cute but not typically cute. I think this fox looks quite sneaky!
I was bold with the colours - the pinky orange was a risk and I wasn't sure as i was stitching but now it's done I like these colours together. Using a pattern was great as I instantly have four designs that go together and I still get to have fun deciding how to stitch them. Much as I love coming up with new ideas for things to embroider it is so nice sometimes just to grab a pattern and get stitching without having to plan beforehand!

Do you use embroidery patterns or design your own or both?
 Has anyone else stitched the Erin Paisley designs? If you have leave me a link in the comments!!