Wednesday, 31 December 2008

A christmas best forgotten!

It has been an eventful Christmas for me this year. On Saturday I had a car accident on the motorway. I was checked over at the hospital and luckily the baby is fine somehow my stomach is the one part of me that escaped injury. I have never been so scared as I was waiting for a scan at the hospital but baby was happily bouncing around on the screen seemingly unaware of their lucky escape! I am covered in magnificent bruises, very sore and my car is a wreck- thankfully no one else was hurt and I escaped without any serious damage.
It hasn't all been drama though- here I am pre-accident on Christmas day- check out that bump! I'm definitely showing now and wearing very fetching maternity trousers. And baby is making their presence known by wriggling and kicking in the evenings. Better get started on some baby crafts soon- I'll be finding out the sex next week so might pick up some babygros (onesies) to stitch on after that.

Also the time off work whilst I'm recovering from the accident is giving me chance to get stuck into my stitching- it's helping take my mind off things and is one of the few things I can do to keep busy that doesn't hurt! I finished up a bag I've been working on for my mum:
The design is from a transfer, I enjoyed doing something traditional and it was pretty satisfying to tackle this design because it proved to me how much my stitching has improved (the back of my work is still bloody awful though- but who cares what the back looks like right?)

And I'm now getting started on some pieces for the Craftster 'Invite your partner' swap where I am swapping with two people whose work I admire greatly Lilyvanilli (Lily blogs) and Amyracinrose (Swell stitches). I'd better do a really fantastic job as they are both supertalented. I have plenty of ideas for the smaller pieces I'm going to send but am going to have to get plotting on what to do as the main projects.

As for NYE, I be having a quiet one, I've had quite enough adventure for now.
Happy new year xxx


  1. So glad to hear you and the baby are okay, hope you recover soon.

    Your stitching on the tote is gorgeous.
    All the best for 2009!

  2. I'm sorry to hear about your accident but I am so relieved to hear that you and your baby are a-ok! How exciting to find out the sex next week!

    Cheers to you on NYE and hope it is relaxing and uneventful!

  3. congratulations on your upcoming arrival sophie :) i'm glad everything turned out ok, that accident sounds terrifying!

  4. so glad to hear you & baby are safe!
    have a happy & healthy new year!


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