Wednesday, 21 January 2009

busy busy

I'm stitching up a storm at the moment. I'm in the middle of the 'Invite your partner' swap and have two great people to craft for. I have a couple of items nearly done and looking at them am beginning to wonder how much of my life is spent doing fill stitches! Am pleased with how they have turned out though- don't want to say too much and give the game away to my swap partners!
Other than that am wondering about trying to knit again as various family members are knitting away for the baby and I feel I should get in on the action. Me and knitting haven't got on so well in the past so if anyone has any ideas for an easy baby project let me know (by suggesting ideas you are volunteering to be my knitting mentor and I need a lot of help!).
Oh and as I'm craftin' for two these days I've also picked up a winnie the pooh cross stitch kit for baby's room- I don't usually do kits but this is sooo cute (my brain is turning to baby mush- too much baby shopping). My Mum has chosen a cute birth memento cross stitch to do for the room too- we are quite the crafting family- my dad is even talking about making some wooden baby toys as he's into his woodwork and woodturning. Nursey design craftster style!
So no new pictures to post right know but expect picture heavy posts once I've sent my swap packages, and if I pluck up the courage to get those evil knitting needles out I will post in progress pics of what is bound to be a knitting disaster.


  1. Oooh! I'm intrigued! I can't wait to see what you're making for me! I, too, have been a busy little bee.

    As far as knitting goes, I'd say go for a baby blanket, hats, or booties. There's a great baby blanket pattern in the first Stitch 'n Bitch book, and you can find tons of great patterns on Ravelry. I don't know if it's still invite only on that site, but if it is and you can't get in I can look around for you and send you patterns. I love, love, LOVE to knit so if you ever need any help please drop me a line. I've been terrible about knitting lately cause I've been stitching so much, but I want to get back into it so bad. It's so relaxing!

  2. me and knitting don't get along so well either, mainly cuz I have no idea how to fix my mistakes so instead of having a relaxing time and perhaps nodding off to the click click of my knitting needles i am so tense i can't stand it. so i gave knitting up.

    it sounds so great that your family members are doing all kinds of baby crafty things.

  3. I'm still working on finishing up the last project for you. I'll be sending out Tuesday!

  4. And by Tuesday I, of course, mean Monday since that's the 23rd not Tuesday. Lol, I'm retarded.


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