Sunday, 28 February 2010

photos of what I've been up to

This post is going to be heavy on pictures and short on words - just a quick catch-up of my most recent stitches...This is a work in progress- not sure about the black outline (a little heavy?) but hopefully it'll look better when there is more detail added

A real simple tote using a sublime stitching 'viva las vegas' pattern

a make-up bag with day of the dead skull, sublime stitching again, I'm stitching the skeletons on the back- Jake seems to like it :)

a kokeshi doll card- this was a freebie kit with a magazine. I might use this pattern again with different colours on a bag

Christmas tea towels - I was stitching close to the wire on these and they only just got posted in time

Currently on the go are: a Pop-eye baby vest, a Sublime lucha libre baby vest, Skeletons for the back of the make up bag, the mermaid, leigh bowery in x-stitch (he's been on the go forever) and a knitted bag
I also have a few finished things that I haven't photographed yet so will have to update soon with those


  1. I like the black outline on the mermaid. Doesn't look to heavy to me. Also, what kind of stitch did you use for the hair. It looks like a very tiny split stitch . . .

  2. Thanks Crooked Sister. The hair is a tiny backstitch. Am planning to have lots and lots of small detail on this piece so will probably be working on it for ages :)

  3. these are great! i love the tea towels. and jake is adorable!


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