Wednesday, 30 June 2010

embroidery of Inuit stone cut (Tudlik)

Stitched in wool on linen- the design is a beautiful print by Tudlik, see here. It's all split stitch except for the 'v's I used on the bird. Sorry for the rubbish photos, I haven't ironed it yet so it's a bit crumpled.
I love this and think I'll do a few more based on Inuit prints- because it's wool it was very quick to do, less than 2 evenings and I think the medium suits the image. The combination of the abstract image, orangey wool and brown linen is nicely retro.
Oh and the title of the original print is 'Bird Dream Forewarning Blizzards' I like that, I can imagine some surreal dream about being chased by a huge bird

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  1. The original is kinda spooky, isn't it? You did a fabulous job on it! I love the colours you chose.


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