Wednesday, 6 February 2013

WIP skeletons everywhere

 This is for the Edward Gorey stitch-a-long on flickr organised by the very friendly and talented Nicole. Still time to join in if you wanna join in. I wanted to work the design up fairly small as I'm stitching on the edge of a pillow case but it does mean those tiny leaves are a bit of a brainache to stitch- I'm doing then in satin stitch, for scale the skeleton is just over an inch high... yeah I know... I'm going to go blind stitching this. Also I have no idea how I'm going to do the shading - which in the original illustration is cross hatched because I'm already using just one strand of floss - I'm considering using sewing machine thread but that might be a completely crazy idea- or using one strand of a lighter coloured floss (this is actually stitched in a dark green although it looks black here).
I hadn't heard of Gorey before this stitchalong but wanted to join the fun so bought Amphigorey  (an anthology of some of his work) it is so darkly funny and I love the style of his illustration, especially all the haunted looking sunken eyed children. If you aren't familiar with his work look him up ... maybe you'll find something you can't resist stitching!
I've also been making some progress on this skeleton- I am loving how it looks all filled in baby pink. It is almost pretty! The mechanics of how all those pieces would fit together to make the framework for a face is fascinating me- and look at this how they have laid it out in a heart shape -  could very well be my next project.  Hope you are enjoying seeing this piece grow. I have to go now, back to sitting and stitching and ruminating on how we are all bags of bones!


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  2. hello nice to meet you, I come here from the blog "deiaies", and I really like your blog .. now you have a new follower.
    bye Alessandra

  3. Awwww thank you Main xx
    Welcome Alessandra!- I hope you enjoy my posts :)


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