Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Goldwork robot

I made this for my little robot boy! He decided that the robot should be 'all shiny gold'. I found some of the goldwork a bit of a chore. the couching down of the threads using fine thread is quite time consuming and is a repetitive task. However now it is done I do like the look of all the gold. I used a metallic thread for the guitar. The pattern is from Urban Threads they have tons of cute robot patterns.
To finish it off I'm going to buy a small canvas and stretch this over the frame.
It was Jake's 4th birthday recently and we had a robot party with robot cake, robot chocolates and robot biscuits. We had robot bunting and a washi tape robot on the wall, it was a very 'Jake' party - he was very excited by it all. 


  1. This is the best possible interpretation of this pattern, Sophie! It is incredible! I've gawped at this picture several times today, as it's been featured on the Urban Threads facebook page, as well as Feeling Stitchy today and every time I see it I blow it up extra big so I can marvel at it's intricacies. Your son must love it to pieces! Well done, friend!

    1. thanks Lisa! I found Goldwork to be quite a challenge- it might be a while before I attempt any more. Although I think I might like to do C3PO in goldwork one day.

  2. Hi,

    Just stopping by to join your blog.

    Fabulous picture! I'm new to embroidery, so will definitely be back later to have a good look round :-D

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    Hettie x

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog :D I'll head over to yours right now for a look!


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