Saturday, 9 November 2013

Honeycomb 5 by Olisa

This is the piece Olisa created for me in the Phat Quarter swap- Honeycomb 5.

Isn't it beautiful?

 Olisa has stitched over a watercolour background. Different colours of floss spring to the foreground depending which colour they are lying on. The yellow floss demands attention against the purple but recedes against the green.  I like the contrast between the repetitive grid and the watercolours blending into each other.

It's one of a series of stitched grids that Olisa has made;

I love Olisa's abstract stitch experiments- each one is so different. The stitched grids would be amazing on their own but with the addition of the painted backgrounds they come alive.  I was so pleased that she made one for me!! 

To see all the swap pieces have a look HERE!


  1. I'm beyond thrilled that you like this! It looks fabulous against the blue background. Thank you so much for your encouragement -- it means to world coming from you. I so admire your work.

  2. is amazing. I love the mixed media and experimental feel of this. I wish my skill levels were higher so I could do these!


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