Sunday, 8 June 2014

Work in Progress


This is what's in my hoop at the moment, a few years ago I made something similar for a swap and I really liked it. My style of stitching is more intricate these days and I have altered the face to give better detail. I might have to unpick some of his skinny leg later if it looks too odd and give him more muscle!
It is also a lot bigger than the original, when finished it will fill an A4 frame.
I am using a dark grey floss, I am tending to use dark greys, browns or blues for this style of single colour embroidery. I just prefer it to black right now, but I may well go back to black at some point in the future.
The lines I'm following are drawn on faintly in pencil- I just draw on the outline and freestyle the rest - I'm using a print out of my original for my pattern and tweaking it as I go along (the original was drawn from a vintage photo of boxers and a photos of hares)
the original


  1. That is such a cool project! Really like seeing how similar it is and yet how it has changed from your original.

  2. I like it a lot - good tip on the colours, grey/blue/brown is better than black

    1. Yes, I very rarely use black at the moment and I used to go through so much black floss!

  3. oh I remember the original but didn't realise you made it :) My stitching has changed over the years too, more refined than it was.

  4. This is incredible! I'm with Nicole - I remember the original but didn't realise you we're behind it. Genius! Cx

  5. Thank you everyone, there is a lot of work to do but it is fun watching it take shape!

  6. That boxing hare is so striking. I love that you're exploring and working on the imagery again. I can't imagine your work being finer that it is, but I believe you!


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