Tuesday, 29 July 2014

&Stitches in the park

On the 5th of July I got to meet up with the rest of the &Stitches gang for a stitchy picnic. It was the first time I had met any of them in person so I was a bit nervous but I'm pleased to report they are all lovely.

We met in Kensington Gardens- I was ridiculously late due to getting lost (which was quite an achievement because once I found the right entrance to the park I spotted a glamourous group of stitching girls straight away- if only I hadn't gone in the wrong entrance and spent an hour wandering round completely the wrong part of the park!!)

We were joined by teasemade and Mrs Lacer and a pigeon called Steve! It felt great to be sitting and stitching with people who are interested in embroidery- we chatted about different techniques and styles. I loved the range of projects people were working on including ribbon embroidery, paper piecing and blackwork. It was fun having a nosy at what other people were working on.

I was too busy stitching to take photos but you can see us all here on &Stitches.

If you think this sounds like fun then the gang are meeting again very soon on August 2nd details here. Don't be shy -everyone is really nice and I promise they will make you feel welcome. Unfortunately I can't be there next time as I'm on holiday but I hope you can make it for a fun afternoon of sun and stitching!!

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