Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Stumpwork painted bunting

I have recently finished this little embroidery of a painted bunting. I have been feeling a bit lacking in inspiration recently so I decided to revisit an old favourite subject and stitch up a stumpwork bird.

I knew I wanted it to be colourful so I put a call out on Instagram for ideas and now have a whole list of pretty birdies to stitch up. They don't come much more colourful than this little guy though!


I have already started the next bird- a cheeky blue budgie. It's going to be a fun one :)


  1. Nice to see a blog post from you. This is such a sweet little bird. Very colourful too.

    1. Hi Jo, thanks! It has been a while since my last post and I will try and post a bit more often!

  2. First time visit.
    Embroidery requires patience and interest, and you did a good job! Can't wait to see the cheeky blue budgie! ;)


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