Sunday, 24 August 2008

lots of balls in the air

I really need to get projects finished- I have far too many on the go. Here is my current list of works in progress:
A knitted scarf
An embroidery of the cover of Goo by Sonic Youth
A tapestry chihuahua cushion (a really ugly chihuahua cushion from a kit, horrendous)
A Sailor girl embroidery
sailor girl embroidery
a cross stitch of Leigh Bowery (my hero <3)
Sewing my MoC Hillbilly angel onto a cushion
A Tea towel with vintage mushroom transfers
My tea towel for the Craftster tea towel tour (eeek deadline for this one)
A cross stitch needlebook
A teeny tiny skull embroidery
A 1950's eyeglasses embroidery (to make into a sunglasses case- I started this a year ago)
I also have a pile of finished embroideries that I don't know what to do with just sat in the bottom of my craft box

I start so much more than I finish- it's a problem I have. I am gonna try and tie up some of the loose ends. I really wanna finish Leigh but there is so much black to fill in and I am sewing on tiny count Aida so it makes me go cross eyed.
I've just bought series 1 of Californication so may have to have a dvd and stitching marathon (if I can tear my eyes away from David Duchovny to glance down at my work every now and then that is).

Ok, off to dive into my ever-growing pile of unfinished projects, wish me luck- it's dangerous in there
Soph x

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  1. that sounds like me last week.. well not nearly as many things but quite a few.. man! i know how overwhelming it can be! send your address and just send me my swap whenever you get a minute.. there is no rush at all! <3


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