Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Miss Mistake and WIP

Here is what was meant to be a Sailor Jerry flash cutie. I did her a couple of weeks ago. She looked so lovely on the flash sheet but when I stitched her she came out all wrong. I am not at all happy with how she came out- my stitches look so messy argghh. And those lips- so wrong. I think I just attempted to do her too small (4'' tall)- I may try her again at some point but a little bigger. For now she is christened Miss Mistake - poor lass.
I had intended her as an item for part of a trade I'm doing but she ain't going nowhere! Luckily I have had time to start something else which I'm pleased to say is looking grand so far.

On a more successful note here is a WIP- another sailor girl <3. I had thought she was finished but have decided to fill in the rope. She will be framed and hung in the hall at Stu's request (I think he's fallen for her). She is based on an Angelique illustration- I think I may have an Angelique addiction right now.
thank you and goodnight
soph x


  1. super cute.. so i finished your first piece in our swap.

  2. hooray! I think I may have underestimated how long the piece I'm making you will take! It's a simple design but there is a largish filled in area that's taking a while... still it is perfect for when I'm sat in front of the tv. BTW the cherry cocktail piece had been intended for you but I hate how her mouth came out

  3. its cool lady.. i am making you two small things.. nothing super big.. a small tote and a framed piece. i haven't started the framed piece yet but i finished the tote! :) i am waiting to post pics!

  4. Oooh la la,this is a beauty, love those bedroom eyes!


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