Saturday, 11 October 2008

Read about me on Brook's blog!

I was very flattered when Brook contacted me via Craftster and asked if she could interview me for her blog. Naturally I jumped at the chance to be featured on one of my favourite blogs (and also felt totally stressed that I would give uber-dull answers). Well, Brook sent me a great list of questions and answering then was fun (and not at all stressful) you can read the interview here
Oh and while you are there be sure to check out Brooks other blog entries, she's got a great sense of humour and has also posted some seriously awesome work. Brook really knows her way around a pin-up girl (I'm referring to embroidery here!)
Big thankyou to Brook for asking me to do the interview- I promise to return the favour some day


  1. she also knows her way in the kitchen and with hair.. she is so talented!

  2. Congrats on the interview Sewph! Good work!
    Guess I'd better wait in line...

  3. hahah thank you!! I am glad you agreed to be my first victim!!! Mr x stitch... you never know.. I'd love the feature a man cross stitcher!! If your up for the questions!

  4. was a great interview! I have looked at your stuff tons on craftster..


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