Sunday, 9 November 2008


I have finished up on the Craftster tea towel tour my last piece of stitching was for Nannetta her towel had a sun, moon stars and astrology theme. So I did this:

Underneath the star is the constellation for Virgo (Nannetta's sign). It's a fairly simple design but I think it fits in with has already been stitched on the towel. I hope she likes it.
And I have recieved my finished towel- it is so fantastic.

Thanks to (left to right below) Sewsew-a-gogo, IamSusie, Timpani~Jax, UrsulaDiamond and Nannetta

I love everything on my towel- the designs are all very 'me' and the quality of the stitching is amazing. I was lucky to get a great group who have been fun to swap with- I really hope to swap with each of them again some time in the future. I feel sad that this swap is drawing to an end but it is great to see all the finished towels springing up on the Craftster gallery (it's a big gallery but you can click on 'show images only' to just view the pics)


  1. oh wow, i LOVE your towel! indeed, the stitching is absolutely amazing. and an astrological towel? so up my alley too! your star is rad, i'm envious of your satin stitching skills!

  2. I really like your addition to Nannetta's towel!

    I freakin' LOVE your towel!! It's one of my favorite towels on the tour!

  3. Nannetta's towel -- I'm a Virgo too and can't wait to see her completed towel.

    I agree with Lily -- your towel is one of my favorites this tour -- such fantastic designs and stitching!!


  4. Awesome, I gotta get the guts to join one of the tea towel tours next time!

  5. I love what you did for Nanetta, and your finished towel is stunning!

    I still need to do 2 more towels before mine comes back - the international shipping is really slowing us down!

  6. bookwormbethie I have really enjoyed this swap and will definitely sign up for the next one- I really hope you join us! It's a lot of work but so much fun and you could end up with a superduper towel like mine!

  7. Wow! Your finished towel is truly amazing! I can't wait to see what mine looks like finished as well.. mine is the Christmas themed one that I'm going to make into a pillow. I'm really impressed by your blog and you have definitely inspired me to get out and start crafting!

  8. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ??? I've missed you!! hahahaha!! seriously... I am IN LOVE with your towel!!! ARGH!!! I love my towel too but yours is just.... the freakin cats pajamas! The girl in the hammock that sew sew a go go did... SO AMAZING! And of course I love everything you stitched as well.... I'm still up for swapping hands... HEHEHEHE!

  9. Sewphie, yes I really should sign up for the next one. It would just be soooo great to have something so personal that other people contributed to. Your towel is unbelievable, everyone is sooo talented! Puh-lease tell me you will not be using it as a mop rag in the kitchen!

  10. swellstitches- there is some great stuff on your Christmas themed towel- I'm sure it will be a great pillowwhen finished
    Brook- I know I've been absent a lot lately, in fact I'm planning to post pretty soon explaining myself :) I'm still not sure about swapping hands with you but we should definitely do a craft swap sometime!
    Bookwormbethie- of course it won't be used as a mop rag- it's going to hang on my wall!


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