Wednesday, 4 January 2012

'love' Emily Peacock

Emily Peacock did two gorgeous cushion cover designs for CrossStitcher magazine. This is the first one and I'm about to start the second, I'm planning to make them up as they were shown in the magazine with a red polka dot backing and red pompom trim. I really enjoyed stitching this one- no half stitches! 
Emily Peacock has done some really great designs several of which are on my to-do list and I'd really recommend them to others as they are really simple to stitch, there are some lush woolly cross stitch kits on her website that I am in lust with.


  1. Gorgeous pattern! Which edition of CrossStitcher did you find it in?

  2. Thanks- its from the Nov 11 issue (UK), there is another similar design in the Dec issue that is on my to do list!


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