Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Oliver Jeffers

My 2 year old boy is a huge fan of Oliver Jeffers kids books, for anyone not familiar with Oliver Jeffers this image is typical of his style - look here . He does the most amazing stuff, I particularly love his lettering.
As Jake is also currently obsessed with space this image from 'How to catch a star' was ideal for his room. I never have much luck transferring images onto dark fabric (this is a quilters cotton) so I redrew the image, this also enabled me to resize the image to fit my hoop. I then stitched in back stitch, split and satin stitch and added some double-x  stars to finish. The star looks more blended and less stripey than it does in the photo- the flash has highlighted where the colour changes.
Jake's verdict? I got a "clever boy mummy" which I think means he likes it- unless he has mastered sarcasm at a very young age!

Oh and while I'm on the subject of Oliver Jeffers, here is a fan who expresses her love for Oliver's illustrations using a different type of needle!
Cool huh?


  1. This is awesome! Your stitches are perfect!

  2. That's fantastic. I really like Oliver Jeffers's style & his stories, too.


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