Monday, 13 February 2012

dum dum dum dum FLASH aaahhhaaaaa

This is Prince Vultan- leader of the Bird people in the film Flash Gordon, played by the mighty Brian Blessed.
Have been working on this for a while and it has been my favourite thing to do. Lots of details to keep it interesting to work on.
And I'm really pleased with it, it's nowhere near perfect but I love it because;
          He has a french knot beard!
          I have made my peace with metallic floss!
          I can make a Ming the Merciless to keep him company!
I have just outed myself as the biggest nerdball ever haven't I ?
The shadows and skin tones are much more natural than in the wrestler I did- think I am getting close to cracking it. Will have to start another portraity piece to keep up momentum, I want to get better at stitching people.

 I loooooooooove Brian Blessed- he has the best booming voice and he swears better than anyone else ever


  1. LOVE it, everything about it, the colours, the placement of the figure, the stitchery.

  2. Ok so now I've got the Flash Gordon song going through my head.
    Love the picture, you have got the expression just right.


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