Thursday, 15 March 2012


DSCN0442 by Sewphie T
DSCN0442, a photo by Sewphie T on Flickr.

This is a bit of a test post really as I posting directly from Flickr, we'll see how it works...
This is a little rabbit from a vintage pattern. I just fancied something simple I could stitch up in an evening whilst watching TV - I'll display it over Easter then hang it in Rory's room. I actually have quite a stash of transfer patterns and I rarely use them, maybe I should have a proper sort through and try and put some of them to use.


  1. so cute! i've been hoarding vintage patterns and transfers myself, this is inspires me to stitch one up!

  2. I'm sure I have his china cousin some where!

  3. Very sweet, I love all things vinatage!


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