Monday, 17 September 2012

daisies hoop by Lisa

A while back I did a Phat Quarter swap and was lucky enough to receive something from the gorgeous Lisa
It has taken me forever to post about this- sorry Lisa. I just love the colours she used it is so fresh looking and her satin stitch is just beautiful. I love the tiny white flowers sprinkled among the larger daisies. The combination of that pattern and the blue fabric is perfect, I love it!

 It is now one of my favourite hoops on my ever expanding hoop wall. All the hoops I have recieved in swaps plus some I have made are displayed on our dining room wall and I love how they look grouped together. I must post a photo someday...

I haven't posted for a while as we have been away, I had planned to schedule some posts before we left but I was sick so it didn't happen. Here are me, Stu and Jake by the sea. I didn't have much time for stitching and the WIP I took was a bit uninspiring so I don't have too much to show you but I can share a different WIP that I had planned to talk about in the scheduled post that never happened! This is a stumpwork magpie and there is still a huge amount to do on it but he is taking shape. I will hopefully get him finished soon and explain more about the process then.


  1. That daisy hoop by Lisa is sooooo beautiful! Your stumpwork magpie is fantastic - I am looking forward to hearing about the process - I don't know how to do stumpwork but I love the look of it.


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