Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Fox embroidery

This little guy is stitched using a pattern by Erin Paisley for Sublime Stitching. You can buy the pattern here :

It is one of a set of four and the plan is to stitch them all and then make a patchwork wallhanging using them. I love these patterns- they are cute but not typically cute. I think this fox looks quite sneaky!
I was bold with the colours - the pinky orange was a risk and I wasn't sure as i was stitching but now it's done I like these colours together. Using a pattern was great as I instantly have four designs that go together and I still get to have fun deciding how to stitch them. Much as I love coming up with new ideas for things to embroider it is so nice sometimes just to grab a pattern and get stitching without having to plan beforehand!

Do you use embroidery patterns or design your own or both?
 Has anyone else stitched the Erin Paisley designs? If you have leave me a link in the comments!!


  1. Hi Sophie,
    Oh, I love your fox! I think you're right, he looks sneaky, and cute, but not overly "cutsey". I noticed the pinky orange right away and thought, wow, what a great choice. I think it works very well. I do both my own patterns and other peoples. To me it seems like my own patters are "work" and the other peoples patterns are "fun" - and I do love to have fun, so I do a fair amount of ready made patterns! There's something about just tracing, or transferring a pattern then setting straight off that I just love so much. Especially great for watching movies and catching up on TV shows :)

  2. p.s. I'm curious about your fill stitch, I meant to ask, is it chain? It's got great texture!

  3. He looks luscious. That stitching is amazing. That's the kind of fill stitch I adore. What is your thread?

    Also, I know what you mean about the pleasure of occasionally stitching someone else's design. I rarely do it, but when I do, I can just enjoy the pleasure of the stitching.

  4. Love love love this and i can't wait to see the collection in a wall hanging.

  5. Hi everyone, thanks for your comments. The fill stitch is split stitch and I used DMC floss for most of it but the pinky orange is a silk thread from a job lot of vintage silks I bought on eBay. I love using silk thread - it's so lovely to stitch with and has a nice sheen to it.


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