Saturday, 20 April 2013

Crewel berries

When I was on holiday last year in France my mum bought me this linen bookcover. I've been saving it for ages because I was waiting for the right idea for it. Then the other night I was flicking through this book and I thought that this design with it's autumnal colours would work well with the natural coloured linen. I adapted the colours a bit so I could use wool from my stash- its appleton crewel wool and comes in the most beautiful shades- if you are a floss fan give it a try, it is a similar thickness to embroidery floss (although you can't split it) so would work on most open weave fabric.
This embroidery is now prettying up my boring work diary and amazingly only took an evening to stitch; I always find crewel so much faster to work up.


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