Friday, 17 January 2014

Finish-Along with &Stitches!

Over at &Stitches there is a different kind of stitch-along taking place- the Finish-along. The idea is simple- lets use all those good intentions we have at the start of the new year to tackle some of the neglected UFOs (un-finished-objects) lurking in the bottom of your craft bag/pile/pit.

So this is my project for the Finish-along. This is my hardanger sampler- started January 2013.  The patterns are by Mabel Figworthy from a stitch-along she did last year, there was a pattern every month and unfortunately I fell behind in February and never really got back into it. I would like to get it finished and although I don't intend to stitch all 12 patterns I would like to do four or maybe even six. So I've printed some of the stitch-along patterns out and I will try and make a bit of progress on this one over the next few weeks.

I find this style of stitching quite difficult- the stitches need to be very even to look nice and there are some bits that I will probably unpick and re-do. There is a lot of bare fabric between the counted stitches- so lots of counting holes to get the stitches in the right place- this sends me a bit cross-eyed and makes me a cross when I keep losing count. Some of the patterns also involve cutting the fabric which is a bit scary- I am worried I might snip through my stitching. I will probably finish it as a sort of mat/runner type thing to go on top of my sideboard which means that although some of the patterns include beads I will probably improvise with french knots or something.
The patterns  all look quite traditional- I think if I stick to this grey, cream and mustard yellow palette it will look rather lovely. It is perle cotton if you are wondering and the fabric is hardanger cloth which seems very like Aida but I think it perhaps has a different weave.

What's your oldest UFO? I have one that I started in 2008- maybe once my sampler is done I will try and get that finished!
 If you are trying to get some of your old projects completed come join in!


  1. I don't really have any UFOs. I have one piece that I put in some work on every few months, then put it away for a bit. I've technically entered it into the FinishAlong, but I can't honestly see myself doing it. We'll see...

    All the best with your hardanger piece!

  2. Keep going Sewphie.I too subscribed to this stitch along and have just finished.Counted thread work can make you go cross-eyed.Just see it as a work in progress rather than a UFO.

  3. Oh, I have some completed orphan blocks waiting for me to design more blocks on that same theme. Maybe 2004?


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