Monday, 24 February 2014

Johnny 5 is alive!!

Do you remember this film? Short circuit!! Me and my brother watched it all the time as kids.
I watched it again recently with my oldest, Jake, who is a fan of robots- he was very taken with Johnny 5.

So I made this- it's on a pillowcase. I simplified him down quite a bit but think he is still fairly recognisable. I wanted it to look like a tattoo design but could have spent more time planning out the arrangement of the leaves underneath- my original sketch had a better layout but I didn't trace it well and just freehanded it in the end, oh well.
The stitching isn't a smooth as I would usually make it because it is a cheap pillowcase and fairly thin so I didn't want the stitching too heavy- you can see at the bottom of the  leaves it is puckering a bit. Now the best thing to do would have been to unpick and back the area that was going to be stitched with stabiliser to make it stronger but I wasn't too bothered about a little  bit of puckering on this piece so I just tried to keep my stitch length long and not make my stitches too tight to keep the fabric as flat as possible.
Now it is in use the pillow smooths the puckers out mostly. It fits in well in his robot themed room.


  1. That is wonderful! Such fun, I bet your boy was thrilled! Cx

  2. Great film, great pillow, great work!

  3. Sophie this is wonderful! Your embroidery is, as always gobsmackingly amazing, but Johnny 5!! Too cool! My brother and I also watched that movie *a lot* back when it came out... on video cassette!

  4. Oh my goodness, I am blown away by this Sophie, you are just sooo talented. I am going to be a regular visitor to your blog. AMAZING x

  5. Thanks everyone xxxx glad to see so much short circuit love :D


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