Monday, 2 March 2009

Invite your partner swap

I was lucky enough to snag Lily (Lilyvanilli on Craftster) as a partner for this swap. She sent me an awesome package- which will feature in my next post (I have yet to take photos) but if you can't wait to see the amazing goods you can see them here . Fellow Craftsters take note- next IYP be brave and ask someone you admire to swap with you- it is well worth it!
This is what she got from me in return:
ready for your close up?

Somewhat predictably it is based on an Angelique Houtkamp image (well her artwork is amazing). So much fill stitching- I like how the shading on her dress turned out. Her hair is done in lines of satin stitch to add texture- you can't see that on the photo as it's black so you'll have to take my word for it.
I also made an embroidered handbag mirror - which I'll post pics of at a later date and these little extras;
Lily has been a great partner (as you'll see when I post photo's of the beautiful embroidery she sent me) and this has been a fun swap, and guess what the best thing about the swap is? It's not over because I was greedy and signed up with two partners! I'm also swapping with Amy from SwellStitches (Amyracinrose) so there are more of my crafts to post once she receives (don't want to ruin the surprise).
Thankyou Lily- it's been fun we should do it again some sometime!
Night all!


  1. You guys are both incredible artists as well as Amy. You swapped with some very talented ladies!

  2. hahahah it should be a stitch off between you and lily... who has the most perfect stitches... I think you guys might have to compete with a damn machine! I love the stuff you made that bag... aaaggghhh! beautiful!!!!

  3. You're welcome and yes we should! I love everything so much! I'm eating some Cadbury mini eggs right now. Thank you!!! I absolutely LOVE the way her dress is shaded! It's perfection. And her hair! My god!
    I was actually going to embroider you a Houtkamp girl but I knew I couldn't do her justice like you can. She is gorgeous. I can't wait to see what you made Amy!


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