Wednesday, 18 March 2009

little stitches

For the Invite your partner swaps I did two minature embroideries that I put in the back of handbag mirrors. They are both based on old tattoo flash designs.
Because they are tiny I was able to do each of these in just an evening each- making them an ideal craft for my current pregnancy-addled state. The cross stitch kit I've started for the baby's room is not going well, I can only cope with it for very short periods of time and am regularly distracted by Alien like goings on around my midriff!


  1. I absolutely LOVE my bird mirror! I carry it around everywhere with me! It came at the perfect time, too. My old cell had a mirrored front so that was always my mirror, but I got a new phone right around the time I got the mirror so now I still have a mirror. And it's WAY cuter than my old cell phone. Thanks Sophie!

  2. these are so awesome!
    i can't believe how tiny they are!


  3. wow these are fantastic! is there some kind of special "kit" you buy that lets you stitch and then attach your stitching to the back of a mirror???

  4. LOVE these.. but i am sure that comes as no surprise to you lady.. how have you been love?

  5. I love love love love those mirrors!!! They are so awesome!!!

  6. Thanks everyone-
    I'm very well Katie, have had back probs since my crash but seem now to be on the mend and my baby bump is enormous, I'll have to post some pics!
    Bookwormbethie- I buy handbag mirrors that are made for this very purpose- you do your embroidery and then assemble them- it's dead easy. They sell them in Hobbycraft in the UK. If you want to get hold of some I'd be happy to set up a personal swap of some sort

  7. These are absolutely, positively stunning!


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