Saturday, 28 March 2009

IYP swap

Here are the bits and pieces I made for Amyracinrose in the Craftster Invite your Partner swap:
A sailor Jerry framed embroidery- I've wanted to stitch this sassy showgirl pinup for a while.
A doll house tea set necklace- I wish I had an action shot to show youand my favourite; a Mitch O'Connell poodle tea towel (or bar towel)- I wish I had a creepy-cute pink poodle who drank martinis - if I did I'd call her Talullah or maybe Roxy...I was so pleased with how her 'fluffy' bits came out (that sounds a bit wierd doesn't it?)
Anyhows, thanks for stopping by- my baby bump is progressing nicely (baby crafts progressing less well), I'll post some pics soon :)


  1. Love it all! The pinup is gorgeous, the necklace is too awesome & cute, and the poodle is wonderful! Your stitching is incredible :)

  2. oh man I love love love the poodle!!!

  3. Great stuff! Your stitching is fantastic!

  4. the pinup is so beautiful.. your stitching is always so lovely! :)

  5. all your stitching is so clean! I love your work.

  6. Too cute! You did a wonderful job on the stitching! Have a good day!

  7. saw this today, and thought of you! :)



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