Wednesday, 11 July 2012

dragon cushion

This little fella was stitched for a swap. Usually I'd say dragons aren't my thing but I'll make an exception here because I think this cushion looks quite nice. I hadn't the foggiest how to draw a dragon, my first attempts looked more like mutant cattle so I ended up googling 'how to draw a dragon' and found a site with lots of tutorials here - is there anything you can't learn from the tinterwebs?

I had problems with the making up - I decided to do a sort of patchworky front - I have never done patchwork before and was winging it so it is wonky and not a the corners meet up properly, of course this contributes to it's handmade charm ;)


  1. Hi! I saw that you had joined my blog so it was only polite that I look at yours. Once I saw the dragon I knew I would want to follow your site it is wonderful! Hopefully I will have time today to look at all of your wonderful stuff! Lois

  2. Awesome - what stitch is this?

    1. The body is long and short- I think the wings might be stem stitch as a fill stitch but I can't quite remember, I'm guessing by looking at it!

  3. Beautiful dragon! I agree, the internet is an awesome place to find anything you need to know.

  4. Love the dragon, especially the colours!


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