Saturday, 21 July 2012

felt things! lots and lots!

I did another round of the felt badge swap on craftster
Here is what I made;

I love doing those little beetle boxes! Each of these takes a solid evenings work at least- probably about 4-5 hours at least when you include the designing which is a lot for something so small, they are about 3 inches long. But they are fun to do and a great 'tv' craft! This time I bought a wool mix felt as I found a supplier who sold packs of loads of different colours, the colours were beautiful but it is more difficult to work with than 100% wool felt as the pieces stretched and fell apart a bit if they were really tiny. Also if I stitched too close to the edge it just frayed which was frustrating. Once I've used up this felt (and I have loads of it!) it will be back to the felt I bought before!
Here is what I received from whenindoubtsew
yes we both did mermaids! Hers was so much more detailed than the one I sent her- look at the beading round the edge!
And from Glamis
no idea why this photo has turned itself on it's side- it doesn't look like that when I view it on my computer. I love how she layered the felt scales and used so many colours
I also did a little swap with Leslie a while ago for some badges. I love the gorgeous badges she sent me;
The little fish are covered in embroidery- so much detail! And I have no idea how she cuts out felt as small as those little leaves- she must have a pixie helper!

This is what I sent her- she had recently been made the featured swap organiser on Craftster so I wanted to send an extra to celebrate that!


  1. You have a great collection of badges growing there! I love my badges from you, thanks again Sophie!

    1. I loved the badges I received from you - I have a hoop wall so they are pinned to fabric in a hoop on my wall which is great because i get to admire them every day!

  2. Gorgeous felty things, I love the beetle boxes!

    I'm doing my first ever embroidery hoop at the moment, partly because seeing the embroidery on your blog made me want to have a go myself.

    1. Rachel, that is the nicest comment I've ever had on my blog! I look forward to seeing your embroidery :)

  3. You created and received such great badges this round!

    1. Thank you! I loved your yellow submarine! I'll be keeping a look out for round 3!


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