Monday, 1 October 2012

Magpie finished (probably!)

 I say it's finished but I keep picking it up and adding a few stitches here a few stitches there. If I'm honest I wonder if it is a bit overworked but then I keep seeing little tweaks I could make. I was feeling quite disappointed with it but then I looked at it from across the room and thought it looked nice so I think maybe the really detailed wing is a bit distracting up close. I was enjoying all those blues whilst stitching and I got a bit carried away.
 The magpies body is a padded slip. My favourite thing is the tree stump- it is couched silk strings and wool and is very tactile!!
 I painted the background with fabric paints. This was an experiment and I will make it lighter next time I do this but I like the overall effect.
I have started something else, an urban threads pattern (I don't often use patterns but Urban Threads has some great ones I couldn't resist). It was nice to not have to plan for a change just choose a pattern... transfer.. go! As you can see I have stitched the outlines and I quite like how it looks left plain but I am going to start filling it in using some muted colours.

I should really be thinking about Christmas crafts but am still at the planning stage- have you started your Christmas crafting yet?


  1. Your bird looks real!!! It´s fantastic!
    You did a really great job!
    The last embroidery is original too ;-)
    About Christmas crafts i think about it every day but i didn´t do anything yet...
    Have a nice week!

  2. OMG! That is a thing of beauty, I thought it was a photograph, amazing!

  3. These are awesome! That magpie, WOW, just wow. You're very talented.

  4. totem animal. This is beautiful Sophie!

  5. Thanks everyone - i feel like stumpworky birdies are my 'thing' right now although I have some other stuff in the works (an eyeball and a claddagh design )
    It is great to get such lovely feedback from you all - thanks for taking the time to comment x

  6. Hi Sophie - I see your things on Pinterest and am always amazed - it's about time I left you a comment to say so too! This is truly wonderful, I'm in awe! I really absolutely suck at all kinds of decorative sewing, I just can't imagine how you do it.

    And Christmas crafting... plenty of plans and even some slow stockpiling of supplies, but nothing done yet!

  7. Hey Jo! Thank you :D
    i'm pleased to report I started on a bit of xmas stuff this weekend.

  8. The magpie is amazing! You have really captured the bird. Fantastic!


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