Wednesday, 17 October 2012

stitcher's ornament and felt decorations

I've been making a start on some Christmas crafting. I made a little sewing themed wreath by twisting some thick jewelry wire into a hoop shape which I wrapped in fabric strips. Then I wrapped the whole thing in red wool. I then stitched on these cute sewing themed buttons I've had stashed away forever. I might make some more with some of the other buttons, bells and assorted doodads I've hoarded over the years!

I have the book Falalala felt and this year I've made several of the projects. One of the designers is Cathy Gaubert whose work I adore and I am making all her projects from the book. I'd really recommend this book- everything in it is cute and the projects are simple to do. There are patterns to photocopy in the back of the book so your results turn out just like the photos. Here is a little selection of my felt decorations (I've made loads!), they are mostly unfinished in this photo but you get the general idea

I think we might need a bigger tree this year!


  1. Wow these are lovely! That little wreath is absolutely gorgeous! I'm going to have to start hand sewing as an alternative to crochet in front of the tv...

  2. Beautiful decorations, love the wreath!


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