Monday, 29 October 2012

acorn brooch

I love this little guy, I embroidered him on cotton then stitched him onto some felt with a bit of toy stuffing between to make him nice and squishy. It's fairly small -just over an inch in length I think. I don't often do cute but I was very pleased with how this turned out.

Keeping on an autumnal theme here are my families pumpkins, carved by me but with very strict art direction from my three year old. Apparently the sad one has lost his mummy pumpkin :(


  1. The little acorn is very cute indeed.
    And your three year old makes a great artistic director - poor little pumpkin who has lost his mummy!

  2. Omg that acorn is so cute! I love him!

  3. Your little acorn is just too adorable for words!!

  4. Sweet little acorn, lovely neat stitching!

  5. Aw, he's gorgeous!


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