Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Urban Threads embroidery

I finished this piece I was making from an urban threads pattern. I don't often use patterns but actually really like some of the urban threads patterns. The subject matter and tattoo style of this appealed to me- I used to stitch a lot of tattoo flash. I think I might do some more tattoo style pieces soon. The strong outlines and solid fills work well for embroidery. I thought this would look good framed up in my bathroom!
Christmas seems to be creeping up on me- There is absolutely loads I want to make; some more decorations, stockings for the boys, a few gifts and christmassy pillowcases. I will be working hard over the next few weeks and am not sure I'll get everything done. How are your Christmas crafts coming on?


  1. This is so awesome! Is it all stitched by hand? I have only done cross stitching until now but I would love to do something like that!

  2. That will look fantastic in the bathroom. Brilliant.


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