Saturday, 3 November 2012

leather brooches

A while ago I bought some leather offcuts for use in stumpwork. Some of the were just what I needed but some were too thick for using in my embroidery. I needed to think of a way to use them up and think I may have found the perfect way to use them- leather brooches. I have only made two so far but I have lots of ideas for other designs

the stitching is a bit rustic I know- it ain't easy stitching through such thick leather, I
 need to buy a thimble before I make any more. I actually think they look better in real life than in these photos. Any other ideas for using up my leather?


  1. These are fabulous in real life!!

  2. Oh neat!! I have some suede scraps in my stash that I never know what to do with. You've inspired me!

  3. Cute!
    I also had a bunch of leather offcuts a while ago. I used them as the back of a few pasties i made and the bigger ones for mobile phone covers.

  4. Thank you everyone! So glad you liked then Gill :)
    Phone covers is a great idea I might try that thanks Opossum
    Limeriot- it would be a great use for your suede scraps and is just like doing a felt badge so I know you would make something awesome!


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