Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Great personal swaps with Katie and Nicole!

I have recently done two personal swaps with people I know through Craftster and it's been such a good experience. They both managed to tap into my personal taste and make very cool things for me. KatieKutthroat was the first person I did a personal swap with- we like similar themes and are both avid stitchers. I was blown away with what I recieved from her- this bag has been in constant use since I got it. Her stitching is really beautiful and I loved how she had used a different thickness of thread to give texture on the hair (I'm stealing that idea x)

She also sent me a sassy pinup in tattoo flash style- those little swallows are metallic, very cool indeed. I think the patterns are all by Sublime stitching- Katie picked out great choices for me as I love anchors...
... speaking of anchors look what I recieved in my personal swap with Nicole! I have no idea how she did this; the glass is frosted with an anchor design. I guess you must be able to get some spray on glass frosting stuff but I've never seen it before. I think this will be my Rum glass for when I'm being a pirate. I love it so much. She also sent me this great personalised card she made-coincidentally we both picked a nautical theme (the bag in my last post was for Nicole).
Ladies if you are reading- I hope we swap again as I love my new goodies. Getting stuff in the post that other people have made for you is so much fun and I had a great time making things for you both x


  1. hehe you take whatever ideas you want doll.. i am so glad we swapped, i adore yours as well! I am so glad you love that purse, cause it is really awesome! :) you racked up on some cool things!!

  2. so pleased that you liked it! it was fun coming up with the ideas!
    and you're spot on with its intended purpose [wasn't so sure i could put "boozin' glass" on the customs form!] -- although i'll have vodka in mine!


  3. I love the stuff katie made you! the bag is so lovely! that glass is so cool. I want some of that etching cream that makes the glass frosted!!! How cute would it be to make wine glasses with little bats on it for halloween ? of plain tumblers with your initial in old english... OH so many ideas!!

  4. Brook , I LOVE the idea of halloween wine glasses (ps. did you find compacts in your craft store?)
    Nicole, you should totally have put 'boozin glass' on the customs form if only to check out the postal person's reaction!
    Katie, the bag sure is awesome, and I honestly do use it all the time x

  5. No I haven't found the compact.... because I haven't looked for it yet!! what a ding ding! But this weekend is "fill your bag" 25% off at my fav craft store so I will be skimming the isles for it! If not I'll be sending you some money to buy me one... or two... hahaha...


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