Saturday, 13 September 2008

It's Mitch, bitch

I am so pleased with this, it's based on an image from the Mitch O'Connell tattoo book. He's kind of creepy isn't he? When I was sewing it I kept telling Stu I was going to make it into a pillow case so he'd wake up in the night and see this scary clown grinning back at him, ha ha!
I'm actually going to frame it and hang it somewhere in my house- but it will have to be in the bedroom or guest room as one of my best mates has a clown phobia and this would totally freak her out if I hung it in the lounge.
I would really recommend the Mitch O'Connell tattoo book as a pattern book for stitchers- there are so many cool images in it and they'd all look great as embroideries.

Oh and just cause she is finally finished, here is my Angelique Houtcamp sailor girl hanging in my dining room. It took me ages to get around to filling in the rope and when I sat down to do it, it took less than an hour. There is hope for that long (and ever-growing) list of unfinished projects. Oh and if you've never heard of Angelique she is amazing, check her out here:


  1. i just wanted to stop by & say i think you do fabulous work! you're very talented :)

  2. you are very talented babygirl.. i love love love your new pieces! i am loving the piece you sent me, just can't decide where to put it.. probably the bedroom. :)

  3. um... chop off your hands and lets trade... yeah? because I want to stitch like you.... a-freakin-mazing!

  4. thank you all very much!
    -Jigsaw Youth ta for stopping by, I'll be sure to check out your blog
    -Katie, it is always a pleasure to get feedback from you, hope you find just the right spot for the piece I did you x
    -Brook, thanks but ... please don't make me cut my hands off- you're so funny, that comment really made me laugh

  5. Seriously sewphie, can we be embroidery girlfriends? Hahaha, I LOVE your work and these 2 pieces are amazing! I agree, I really hope we get partnered up sometime! If not we should do a personal swap or IYP or something! I want some sewphie goodies!!

  6. well... Its the truth! I don't know if its your patience plus skill or just plain skillz.. you are great! everything you make you put 110% effort into it... I am so jealous.. I feel like I can be really lazy with my embroidery at times... I have yet to do something big and beautiful...

  7. Sure Lily we can be embroidery girlfriends! And next IYP swap lets make it happen :)
    Brook, everything you make looks beautiful- the cowgirl you did for TTT is great, so I won't hear it said that you are 'lazy' with your embroidery!

  8. Those are so amasing there aren't even words to descripe them. So I'll just shut up and stare


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