Wednesday, 3 September 2008

tea towel tour 4 (and more)

I love embroidering on tea towels- it's such an old fashioned thing to do and feels like 'proper job' craft.
I am taking part in the Craftster tea towel tour; there are 6 people to a group and 6 towels doing the rounds so everyone stitches on each others towels- At the end you get your towel back and everyone will have made their mark on it. Here's how Ive started my towel:the lettering is rubbish but I'm pleased with the anchor and birds (which are flying all the way to Germany right now). If you want to see more goodies- and there is some seriously good stuff going on in this swap- look here

and here is a little extra which is not my usual style but is for a gift, technically it's still a work in progress as the design is repeated on the towel.
Shrooms and strawberries- random huh? It's from a vintage transfer, I scored a huge envelope off EBay for a few quid. I'll try and scan some in at some point.


  1. you are so radical.. yea i just brought that back.. you=radical! have you recieved your package yet?

  2. Whoa dude- 'radical'!! hehe
    I haven't got the package yet and have to admit I am lame as I only posted your package today (I have very poor organisational skills!)
    I'll let you know when it gets here x

  3. I love your towel! I wish you were in my group!!! I can't wait to see what everyone stitches! Mushrooms are really not my style either (too 70's) but besides that I think what you made is sssoooooooo cute!

  4. well i think it said it would take like 10 to 15 days.. i was just hoping it would be closer to ten. hehe. i am excited to get my piece and hang it!

  5. Brook - I wish we were in the same group too! I hope you have some cool people in your group. I have a feeling this swap will be a lot of work but it should be fun

  6. Your bird turned out beautifully! I wish I got in on this swap! I'm just nervous cuz it would be my first!

  7. it was something that posted itself.. i was unaware.. i deleted it.. so it is still showing up.. sorry :(


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