Friday, 12 September 2008

Louise Brooks

I had to stitch something flapper/20's themed for the tea towel tour. I had absolutely no idea what to do so started browsing photos online. I ended up deciding to do a pic of Louise Brooks and then ordered a DVD with her in from Amazon. So I sat stitching this whilst watching her on screen.
It's not the best likeness, but, the necklace - its FRENCH KNOTS- hell yeah!


  1. omg! seriously sophie.. this is breathtakingly beautiful.. the french knots are so clean. i think you are getting better and better and i look forward to seeing all of your future projects. i love this! excellent job!

  2. thanks katie- the french knots weren't as difficult as I thought they'd be, last time I attempted them it was a disaster but this time they were no trouble at all

  3. The french knots are fab. It is a great 20s themed piece.


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