Thursday, 26 April 2012

mini felt insect cabinet

Made for the felt badge swap on Craftster. I love how this turned out. All the detail on the insects is worked in a single strand of floss. They are based on real insects but I didn't worry too much about them being really accurate versions. I bought some wool felt for this swap and it is soooo much nicer to work with than the acrylic stuff, it holds it's shape better, comes in great colours and feels nicer too. It was so much fun playing around with bits of felt- nice to have found a new craft I enjoy.
I had two partners in the swap and for my other partner made this;
A v-dubya! I grew up in Cornwall where these were THE thing to drive. I think it turned out pretty cute- see what I mean about the great colours you can find wool felt in, check out that mint green, perfect for a retro campervan.

Oh and... wouldn't a fake insect display with stumpworked insects be incredible? Oh yeah, I'm gonna :)


  1. Your badges are some of my favorites from the swap! They are so detailed and original. Your partners are sure lucky!

    And YES, stumpwork fake insects would be amazing!! I'll be watching for that ;).

  2. I love the insects they are amazing.

  3. Man. I am so impressed (and intimidated a bit) by all the awesome stuff I see you and others doing with some dang thread! I enjoy stitching even with my "so-new-I-can't-yet-manage-a-decent-satin-stitch-ness" but seeing your creative ideas makes me long for my fingers, eyes, and brain to hurry up and synch!

  4. thankyou everyone!
    Lime it has been such a great swap, with a great bunch of people so glad I joined it
    Jen - are you on craftster/flickr or do you have a blog, i'd love to check out your stitching

  5. Gorgeous badges, I couldn't join this swap because I was too new on craftster so I'm really hoping there's a round 2!

  6. I hate bugs but I love this badge! Sounds like a very fun swap.
    Stumpwork would lend itself well to lots of "cabinet curiosities"; seashells, coral, bird eggs, etc

  7. beautiful, I love the insect badge x

  8. Very cool badges! Loving the VW!

  9. Love the insect badge, love your blog.

    Hope you don't mind me linking to your blog and giving you an award.


  10. These are so cool! I love how the insect badge turned out!


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