Tuesday, 13 August 2013

5 embroidery sins I am guilty of

1) Licking the thread whilst threading my needle

Everyone does this right? Apparently over time your saliva can discolour the fabric and floss (ewwww) also it isn't great for your needles because they rust inside the eye and catch on your floss. I am sceptical about it discoloring the embroidery, maybe after years and years there will be a stain but I have things I stitched five years ago that look fine to me. Also I like those needles that have gold plated eyes- flashy huh? No rusting for me. I lick the thread because it makes threading the needle easy and because I like to put blood sweat and SALIVA into my needlework!

2) Using the thread right down to the last ratty bit

I like to have a long strand of thread, changing thread constantly is boring BUT that bit of thread at the end that has been through the fabric many times and is a bit scraggy looking can really ruin the look of your work, especially in counted thread work like x-stitch. It just seems like a waste not to use it though! *threadmiser*

3) Knots on the back of my work

C'mon they are on the back- who cares ;)

4) Not weaving the ends in

Usually because I haven't left a long enough bit to weave in (see no.2) or sometimes just due to laziness. These ends then get all knotted together or even worse get caught on the thread I'm using and get brought throught to the surface of the embroidery.Then if it is a dark thread it leaves lttle fluffy bits on the surface of the embroidery and you can NEVER get rid of them all- ugh. When people post beautiful photos of the back of their work I am always a bit in awe.

5) Drinking and stitching or SUI (stitching under the influence)

Yes you might make some 'interesting' choices doing this but that is sometimes a good thing. I think that a glass of wine and embroidery are perfect companions - especially if you have a boring bit like a huge area of one colour to do. It helps get the ideas flowing too- I have to jot them down in my sketchbook in case I forget though! There is one important exception- never, ever drink and cross-stitch everytime I have done this I have made a mistake that resulted in major unpicking the next day .... whilst hungover- not fun

What are your sins? Or are you a saintly stitcher?


  1. I do every single last one of those, they aren't sin's they are just normal life! Never heard of the licking thread thing though, I've been sewing more or less every day since I was about 15 and have never noticed any discolouring, will have to look harder from now on!

  2. Guilty to one and two! But if you use the secured needle method of stitching as I do, the thread goes through the fabric half as many times as "tail" stitching. So that's my excuse!

    I never use knots and always thread my ends in, so I'm "good" there! And I'm teetotal.

  3. Ha ha! I do all of the above! I was taught to lick the thread to get it through the needle so I'm blaming my Junior 1 class teacher.

  4. Hee hee! I think most of us stitchers have a few 'bad' habits. I am always amazed when people share photos of the backs of their work which look as tidy as the front


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