Friday, 9 August 2013

small scrimshaw test piece

I thought I'd do a tiny test piece for one of my scrimshaw embroideries I have planned. I stitched this using sewing rather than embroidery thread - it's only small, the whale is the length of my thumb. I think the embroidery works well. I think I will make the tea staining more textured when I work this up bigger. I may even paint on additional levels of tea stain to make the tooth background more dimensional. 
This piece is appliqued onto a blue cotton I think canvas or the reverse of some denim might look better. Or perhaps even a bright white background... I have some more playing to do :)


  1. Fab. Love it. You are right about the background needing more texture, have fun experimenting with the tea staining!

    1. Thank you x Tea staining is ace isn't it? I want to use it to add shading to the tooth/tusk so it looks more dimensional- I think I will probably use a thread that matches the fabric to stitch it onto the backing too so there is no dark outline. I want the 'engraving' embroidery to stand out more.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you so much! I have lots of ideas for scrimshaw inspired stitching


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