Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Uh Oh

This piece is far from finished but I'm sharing it now because I have had a bit of a mishap with it. As you can see there is some cross stitch on the woodpecker and I used soluble  canvas to achieve it (LOVE that stuff!) unfortunately when I rinsed away the canvas the thread I've used for the wood has run creating a pinky brown halo around the stitching.
Is it salvageable? Maybe. I think my options are a) bin it, b) paint in the background to conceal the stain c) have the piece completely filled in with stitching including the background - it isn't a huge piece so doable. My gut instinct is that I should go for option c but I'm not feeling excited at the idea of all that fill stitch. Any better ideas?

By they way the woodpecker is complete there is shading to do and detail to be added to the face- he will hopefully look a lot better once that is done, and once he has some legs of course! I also plan to break up that big expanse of tree with some details but not sure what I'm going to do yet.

Has this ever happened to you? Were you able to save the piece or not?


  1. I've never had bleeding problems, but I've definitely had other kinds of issues, so I definitely feel your pain! Is there any way you could applique something on?

    1. Oooo hadn't thought of that - I could maybe cut out the embroidery and applique that onto a piece of fabric. Thank you!

  2. I was just going to suggest that! cut it away and applique it on to a new background.

  3. or you could try using a cotton bud with a tiny amount of bleach on it to take away the stain ???
    being careful not to go too near the threads with the bleach ... apparently Jane Greenoff has used this when some threads of hers bled on one of her pieces .... love mouse xxxxx

  4. I actually thought the halo was part of the fabric (i.e., that it had been hand-dyed), so I guess I'm no help.

  5. I'm inclined to say fill stitch background, but only if it works with the piece. There is already so much texture. I like the applique idea quite a lot. The piece is lovely!

  6. Thanks everyone for your help - it is very appreciated. I haven't decided quite what to do yet but show you when its done - success or otherwise. Whatever happens it will be a learning curve!
    You are all Fab with your helpful ideas xxxxxx's


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