Sunday, 11 August 2013

threadhead is 5!

The other day I had a browse back through some old blog posts and noticed that it is 5 years to the day since I started this blog!
This was the first embroidery I posted on the blog
I made a patch with it and put it on a tote bag that I still use. She was based on an Angelique Houtkamp girl- I did quite a few embroideries based on Angelique Houtkamp paintings back then. 
I started stitching about a year before I started my blog- these are two pieces I made before starting my blog

Technically I have improved a lot since then- I tend to do more complex embroideries now. Stitching has been my way of relaxing after a long day at work. I have got to know some great stitchy people over the years and participated in some brilliant swaps. 
There have been long periods of time where I didn't blog (or embroider) for ages, with good reason- I have had two little boys since I started this blog!

So just for fun I thought I'd set my self the challenge of doing 5 posts on the theme of '5'. Today is an easy one: Five reasons I'm not a fashion blogger

1) My 'signature style' is jeans and a hoodie ...
2)... but right now I am wearing joggers and a dressing gown
3) I am 33 years old but still have no idea how to apply eye shadow properly, or blow dry my hair, or apply nail varnish without getting it on my fingers
4) I can't afford to buy loads of clothes - all my spare cash goes on craft books, magazines and supplies!
5) my outfits are usually 'accessorized' with the little bits of embroidery floss snipped off whilst I'm stitching- seriously, people are always pointing out stray bits of embroidery thread on my clothes

Tomorrow I will be posting about 5 inspiring embroidery books- I own so many books I am having trouble picking my favourite five. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this post whether you are here for the first time or have been reading since the start - see you tomorrow xx


  1. Happy Birthday!
    Nothing wrong with Jeans and a hoodie!

    1. You are right of course- but I will never, never, ever be snapped by a street style blogger (sigh). : D

  2. Happy Birthday - your 5 things really made me giggle - I suffer from pretty much everyone. I still don't understand how people paint their nails, I go for a more full painted finger look on the rare occasion I try!

  3. Make up is meant to go on your fingers, how else are you gonna get it on to your face? b.x

  4. Thanks everyone! B- but Nail polish ain't meant to go all over your fingers - how do people get it so neat? But yeah, all my makeup (bar mascara) is applied via my fingers!


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